To get ready for autumn, i made home decos out of acorns.

acorn home deco

Oink..? D-:
Experimental toy with fabric and embroidery.

camping under the moon by junghwaparkJuly,2014

camping under the moon by junghwapark

1. Good morning. My day starts with staring green trees and blue sky.
2. I made bunny face and butt home deco made out of urethane.
3. Originally, i was going to make bunch of toy book..
4. The weather was neighter humid not hot. To me, It is day to walk with him. And the day is a gift for him.
5. Every morning, we harvest organic fruits and vegitables. After heavy rain, we can harvest more foods from farm.

1. Mom was cooking purple sweet potato stems. Once they are boiled, they became dark green. Even if dark green looks old and not attrative, it has inner charm: heathier.
2. I got chance to get skyblue flowers. I do not know who match this blue flower with yellow flower. Such a beautiful idea.
3. My studio is always chaos after painting. Such a messy artist..
4. I painted little deer and did embroidery for flowers on his head. Quick and fun.

JJong’s limited edition denim tote bag with Junghwa’s textile design.ย Edition of 20. Each of order will ship with a card that proves artist limited edition with signature.

Beach by junghwaparkJuly,2014

Beach by junghwapark